The software licences we sell are unique and only for you. They can be used by regular users and business users.

  • Availability: electronic licences are available at anytime, anywhere;
  • Delivery: fast email delivery with no waiting time and no shipping costs;
  • Eco-friendly: there is no unnecessary packaging or transport required;
  • Price: often cheaper than physical licences.

In order to answer this question, let us present you our business model in a simple example. A company purchases a certain number of software licenses. After 1 year, the leadership of the company decides to substitute the tool/application that uses these licenses and they become obsolete – they are not needed anymore. This is the moment when we, Digital Content Distribution, step in and help the company gain some savings by purchasing these licences.

A preliminary factor important for us, so that the licences are eligible to be purchased, is that they have a certifiable origin. We adhere to strict procedures in the process of verification of potential partners (companies from which we buy the unused software licences), which include but are not limited to:

  • Legal proof of acquisition of the software (it can be procurement contract or invoice)
  • Software and licence keys must be provided in proper manner
  • Full information about the company from which the software and respectively the licence has been purchased initially
  • All software licences must have no expiration date

All our customers benefit from this collaboration – gaining rights to authentic software at lower prices.

This approach has been evidenced as legal and trustworthy by the Court of Justice of the EU.

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Yes. After you have made an order you will instantly receive the invoice.